Wireless outdoor security camera

What are wireless outdoor security cameras?

Do you want to know what is taking place when you’re out on vacation? Would you like to be able to watch your kids play in the backyard and keep an eye close on them while you’re watching the game in the house? Burglars absolutely detest these systems because of the fact they know someone or something is behind the scenes watching their every move at all times. Also keep in mind the chances of your home being invaded are reduced by 75 percent!

Outdoor wireless cameras are your second line of defense right behind a security gate. They allow you to watch who’s ringing your doorbell, and who’s meandering around your property. These cameras are an excellent choice to place in areas where wires can’t access or cost too much to purchase and implement. There is a lot of choices to choose from, and picking the right one that will best suit your situation is a must. Never to fear though we have got you covered!

How do they work?

The term wireless is thrown around everywhere, and pairing it with security cameras can net you a very good security implementation. These devices contain transmitters that are built into them that enable them to send over the air radio signals instead of through a wire. You might not be aware but there are a couple of technologies that can be used in conjunction with these cameras. But keep in mind there are benefits and cons to owning one, so don’t get discouraged because the benefits of owning such a wireless security system outweigh the cons.

These wireless systems use sensors, and your internet connection to transmit signals to a monitoring system that you have placed in a room somewhere. You can also monitor your systems away from the house via a cellular or Bluetooth connection even though it will cost you a bit extra. Some of these devices have built in storage to place critical information inside of. Accessing the stored information is another task though.

A lot of these cameras use the cloud to place the recordings into which makes it a bit more robust since you wouldn’t have to deal with hardware problems. Even though there are surveillance cameras that have micro sd card options they’re a bit rare.

How many do I need?

Well if you own a big house then of course the number of security cameras are going to increase, but let’s say you have a small house with a couple of other properties you would like to secure. Then what? This is

going to be a relative problem that people have to decide for themselves. Keep in mind that there are different types of cameras that can do a lot of cool things from devices that can move in a circular motion (PTZ cameras)to device that can only watch one specific area such as a (dome camera).

I would always make sure that my emergency exits have a camera pointed at them. Choke points that you can think of would be a good place also any children rooms and garages are excellent choices. You’re obviously not going to need a camera in every single location unless you own some type of government secret. Just keep in mind that the main goal is to ward away threats, and just the presence of a security camera is going to decrease your chances of becoming a victim.

Which brand should I consider?

With there being so many brands out there waiting to be setup around your home taking the time out to pick the right one can be invaluable. Just because one brand isn’t well known as the next doesn’t mean that it’s worthless. In fact I would say it’s just as good if not better. Some of the more popular brands have been around for quite a while. So burglars have spent countless hours and effort into breaking into them. On the other hand if a new company happens to stroll around they might not have as much credibility as the popular ones. But let me tell you something. In the end it really doesn’t matter which one you choose to go with. Just know this YOU will be that much more secure!

Different types of outdoor wireless security cameras

Dome cameras: These cameras are typically seen in restaurants and retail shops. They are meant to be seen out in the open to let you know there watching you. Since they have a black shielding over them it can be really hard to tell were the camera is pointed at.

Bullet Cameras: These aren’t the most ideal cameras to have outside. They don’t possess the capabilities to move around or zoom in. Burglars can easily maneuver around these since they point in one direction.

PTZ cameras: Typically seen in large industrial buildings. These cameras are capable of zoom controls and remote directional recording. These are ideal for covering large areas. Just one of these cameras can easily replace the multiple cameras you have already installed. These cameras can also be controlled remotely by automation systems.

Night vision and infrared cameras: Common areas that have a lot of dark spots and at night are no match for these types of security cameras! Since the Leds light up the night like a Christmas tree placing these outside is a must. Making sure you take these features into consideration is a no brainer!

Discreet cameras: Nowadays cameras can be anything from a clock to a knick knack hanging on your bookshelf. So you can bet your bottom dollar there are items out there you have no idea are cameras. Did you know that there are cameras out there that are smaller than the tip on your ball point pen!

Weather resistant cameras: Elements such as hail and snow can damage your outdoor wireless security cameras. But buying them with protection against these factors is no bueno. There are cameras out there that can suit any type of thing thrown at it so make sure to read every detail before you purchase blindly.

Investing in a wide angle lens would be an ideal situation if you don’t have the funds to get yourself a bunch of cameras.

High resolution: Making sure to get a camera that comes equipped with HD resolution is a must nowadays. Back in the old days it was hard to identify criminals since hd cameras weren’t around like they are nowadays. You being able to identify the shirt the criminal is wearing to the color of his hair can make or break a police investigation.

Since most outdoor security cameras carry HD now there isn’t a big price tag on them, so make sure you don’t overlook this feature.

But as you know there are major benefits to owning HD cameras. Whenever you have a caught an intruder in the act, and are in the process of a court hearing. If your video is of low resolution how are they going to know the defendant you have across from you is the one on the recording? Your video could be watermarked and time stamped, but that doesn’t indicate anything but a crime taking place at that specific time.

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