Understanding the basics of Driveway alarm systems.

Having complete control over your driveway alarm system is a very strong security measure. Also known as Access Control systems is basically a technique used to control the entryway of a building or a home into and even out of the area. One good example of this is the use of a brass key fitting into a standard lock.

Through the passing of years, as access control systems began to develop the designs became more and more sophisticated. Yet they’re still a popular security solution. Access control systems can also come in two types of implementations such as computer-based or electronic card based. Special Access Cards can be used alongside electronic card access control systems instead of using brass keys to allow access into a certain secured area.

Access control systems are commonly used to control access to many exterior doors of buildings. It can also be used to prevent access to a certain area located within the building. Its purpose is to simply provide convenient and quick access to those who are authorized and at the same time restrict access to unauthorized guests.

Who needs an Access Control System?

Security is very important to everyone and also to their properties. So, the use of an Access Control device In a driveway alarm must be considered carefully by organizations that are seeking higher level security this can be a person’s home and can also be a high end business. A lot of companies such as Logistic dropping centers and small retail sites are some of the most common places you can see this security solution installed in. Yet there are still many individuals and organizations out there that need to secure their driveways.

Advantages over Mechanical Locks

In today’s generation it is of great importance to ensure our safety and we can do that by taking it to a higher level. Traditionally, the use of mechanical locks can be a good piece of the puzzle. But, since we require more regarding security, a driveway alarm system is considered to be better option than a  mechanical lock. Though locks and keys are known to be simple and inexpensive, they do not guarantee full security. In addition, combination locks are simple and easy to install, but they too offer risk in terms of security. Instead of using mechanical locks, try the latest access control system in your driveway.

The Basic Components for driveway alarm systems

Though there are great variations of driveway alarm systems in terms of their type and complexity, these are some of the most common things that make them up:

  • Access Cards – These cards can be referred to as electronic keys. They utilize a person (who is authorized) to gain access to doors that are being secured by these systems. Each card is considered to be uniquely encode. Most cards have the same size approximately as a standard credit card and can be carried in a purse or wallet.
  • Card Readers – These are devices used in order to electronically read the access card. These can be either insertion or proximity types. They are also mounted on the door’s exterior side that is being controlled.
  • Access Control Keypads – These are devices used in addition to a card reader. It has numeric keys that look the same as the keys on a touch-phone or a regular telephone. It requires a correct numeric code to be entered in order to gain access. Once this is installed alongside a card reader, a correct code and a valid card must be presented and entered in correctly in order for someone to be allowed inside.
  • Electric Lock Hardware –This type of equipment is being used in order to electrically unlock and lock every door being controlled by the system. There are many different types of this equipment such as electric strikes, electric exit devices, electric locks, and electromagnetic locks. The condition and construction of every door are some of the factors considered in determining the type of hardware to be utilized. In many instances, this type of equipment is being used in order to control entry into a secured space or building.
  • Access Control Field Panels – Also referred as Intelligent Controllers installed in every building to provide access control. Those other components are all connected to this device. This is being used in order to process the control activity at every level of the building. This is commonly installed in electrical, telephone and communication closets.
  • Access Control Server Computer – This serves as the brain of the system. This as well serves as the central file manager and database of the system. The access control server computer is also responsible for recording the system’s activity and distributing information to and from access control field panels.

Web-Based Access Control In driveway alarm security

Since we are in a world where technology has just about invaded our privacy, web-based access control in driveway alarm security should be considered. This type of system can be installed much more efficiently even without software to be loaded. It has a built-in web server that allows maintenance and programming from any internet browser even without operating issues and concerns possibly saving you your time!

This type of web-based solution can appropriately be implemented in and facility. The good thing about this is that it can be customized by the user for security purposes and functionality needs. This system also offers convenience to the users and the power in terms of managing the system through the internet securely. You might think that this could cost you a pretty penny, but there are solutions that prove to be inexpensive. And still provide you with the great benefits of the higher priced ones.

In general, web-based access control in driveway alarm security has the ability to connect all those security devices through an internet connection and provide users the chance to manage their driveway alarm security system with the use of a web-based interface. Being the latest breakthrough in terms of security, this system is becoming more and more popular, thus many businesses and facilities are making the decision to install them.