Home security and how to secure your home against even the most determined criminal(s)


Last year the police force documented over 2 million cases of robbery. Folks this is just in the United States! Can you imagine a burglary happening every 15 minutes? You can basically say that robberies aren’t slowing down anytime soon, and home security is vital.

Before you go anywhere to purchase the latest security alarm systems. Pause for a minute and take a nice long look around your house. There is no way you can guarantee yourself that you are 100 percent safe from the outside world.

But what you can do a lot with a little money, and some simple yet easy tricks you wouldn’t have thought about yourself (which is why we’re here).  Is to go out there and actually execute them, so you can prevent interlopers from breaking into your home, and potentially keep you and your loved ones safe and sound.

 What would be the best way you recommend to secure our homes?

Selecting the right Home security company can be a daunting task. You have a family to take care of as well as hard earned possessions obtained over the years. You will have to put a lot of thinking into this decision. Review listings from multiple home security companies in your area. Typically a company that has been around a while usually means they’re trustworthy. Doing a quick Google search you’ll see reviews under the company’s website. Take a glance at the reviews and see if any of them are negative reviews.

One other neat tip is to drive around certain wealthy neighbor hoods, and look to see if any of them have signs in their front yard that state which security companies they’re with. I mention wealthy neighborhoods mainly because of the fact they usually come with a security net pre-installed (although you can change companies at a later date).

You need to establish trust with your security company. After all you’re the one relying on them to provide you and your family safety and security. Giving them all of your personal information can lead to identity theft if information is mishandled. Therefore, actually finding the right one that goes out of their way to help you can be tough.

A couple of life saving tips I suggest you take into considerations:

The better business bureau and consumer advocate groups will provide you with a report on just about any home security company. Receiving this will give you an extensive report on past performances helping you make the best decision you can.

We’re humans we make mistakes, so understand that there is a probability that your installation can go wrong, or a mishap in the control room might occur. But this can be easily avoided by the report you obtained in earlier steps. A great company will make sure that before they even think about leaving the premises that everything was installed properly, and tested for complete functionality.

These are some of the most overlooked steps a lot of people seem not to spend time on. Taking these tips into consideration you will be able to to segregate the bad company’s from the good ones. Best of luck!

“Your ultimate issue in home security is making it hard for any type of burglars whether or not if they’re experienced or novices.”David Makitason, a retired security consultant residing in the Houston, Texas area said.

Hold a neighbor hood meeting. Become acquainted with your neighbors when you first move into an area. It makes it that much easier if everyone knows each other to a certain degree. And when the whole neighborhood is watching each others backs your homes are that much more secure. A good example of this could be when your off to work, but your neighbor could be out in the back planting flowers. He/She hears a window break they proceed to give it a closer look, and then reports this suspicious activity to the authorities.

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